Car Speakers

We have four workshop bays at our premises in Marston where we compete all our installations, the dedicated fabrication bay is fully equipped with everything we need to design and build intricately layered wood, metal and carbon panels with back lit sections to show off the equipment we may be installing or sympathetically trimmed to blend in with the factory theme and almost making them disappear. Its really down to the owner to decide. But to be completely honest our mainstay is to make safe, strong amp boards and equipment fixtures which keep any product we fit nice and secure, allowing them to be heard and often not seen.

Our other three bays carry out the majority of the workload, with easy access to the cables and consumables that make the difference between a professional install, and a on the drive home self-fit. There is nothing wrong with a self-fit if done the right way, we just have to be at the top of our game when a customer is paying for a service. And that’s the key to our company mind set, a professional service with the support and backup even after the vehicle has left our premisies, and continuing the support for many years to come.